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Institute Members hold a faculty or professional level position in good standing with a partner University (ECU, NCAT or NCSU), other public or private university or professional organization. Members have an active interest in, strong commitment to and applicable skills relevant to one or more area of the Institute’s mission and strategic goals.

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Members Program

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The Member program provides opportunities to university faculty and community partners (generally, professionals in partnering agencies and organizations) to become involved at a high level with the NC Agromedicine Institute’s activities. Members’ participation is central to developing and delivering Institute projects and programs. Members’ counsel in the development of Institute initiatives, priorities and policies will be sought. Although some Members who are faculty at East Carolina University (ECU), NC Agricultural & Technical State University (NCA&TSU) or NC State University (NCSU) may have short term, jointly funded Institute appointments, most Members will serve in a voluntary collaborative capacity. Members’ appointments will strictly follow the work rules of their respective employer with the workstation being determined by the Member’s employer.

Note: Individuals who were recognized as ‘Faculty Affiliates’ at ECU, NCA&TSU, or NCSU prior to May 7, 2015 will be grandfathered into the Member Program and will be referred to as a ‘Member’ from that time forward.


Members are expected to:



Benefits for Members

The Institute will periodically contact Members about opportunities for funding for research, prevention/intervention and education/outreach projects and opportunities for collaborations with other faculty and community partners. Member participation is totally voluntary. The Institute also periodically sponsors a research symposium to highlight the research of Members and students, as well as to discuss issues of concern for the Institute’s target population.

Other Benefits Provided by the Institute:

Other Benefits Provided by ECU for All Members

These activities require an ECU One Card, for which members not on the ECU campus will receive instructions for obtaining this card. Receipt of these services is reportable for tax purposes.

Member Nomination and Application Process

The following items will be required in order to complete an appointment as a Member:
The application package includes:

The application package should be sent to the relevant Campus Coordinator or Institute Director, if the applicant is not an employee of ECU, A&T, or NCSU. The Campus Coordinator or the Institute Faculty (Director or Associate Director) receiving the letter of application will conduct a review of interests and credentials and may request additional information before forwarding the application and a summary statement to the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee will acknowledge receipt of all applications and will confer Member status on those applicants whose interests are relevant to the Institute's mission, vision, and goals. Appointments cannot be processed until the criminal background check has been completed. Upon completion of the criminal background check and upon receipt of the documentation listed above, an appointment letter will be mailed to the Member’s attention at the address provided. Appointment will become effective once the appointment letter is signed and returned.

Termination of Status

If a Member’s record is not updated within three years, the individual will be dropped from the directory of Members and not be eligible for benefits.

Documentation of a Member’s Contributions to the Institute: Upon request, a Member can request an annual statement of the Member’s contribution to the Institute from the Director at the appropriate time for review by the Member’s chair, dean, or agency supervisor.