North Carolina Agromedicine Institute programs are focused on making the day-to-day lives of farmers, fishermen, foresters their workers and families safer and healthier. If you have a specific safety or health need or simply need advice on how to make your operation generally safer and healthier, contact us. Services are provided at no or minimal cost. And, not to worry – the Institute is strictly educational – not regulatory or advocacy. We do not report any concerns to any agency - we simply give you information to correct hazards and improve health and wellness.

If you have a specific need that the following programs do not address, let us know. We would be happy to develop a program just for you.

About AgriSafe-NC

A farmer gets his blood sampled at an event

The goal of AgriSafe-NC is to improve the safety and health of North Carolina’s farmers, fishermen, loggers, their workers and their families using a community based program that includes:

Services are provided at your location or in other community settings on a flexible schedule so they are as accessible and convenient as possible.

To learn more about AgriSafe-NC services, contact the Institute at 252-744-1008 or email Jessica Wilburn, AgriSafe-NC Nurse Coordinator


About Certified Safe Farm

Bryant Cox

Certified Safe Farm: Saving Lives, Improving Health, and Lowering Costs on North Carolina Farms

Certified Safe Farm is a comprehensive agricultural health and safety program for farmers, family members, and employees that saves lives, prevents injury, improves health, and saves costs! In North Carolina, the program involves:

In North Carolina, the program is a collaboration of NC State University, NC Cooperative Extension and the NC Agromedicine Institute.

To schedule your safety review, contact LaMar Grafft at or 252-744-9542.


About First on Scene

A tractor on its side

The First on Scene program was designed to teach individuals who are first on scene at a farm incident how to respond safely. The two distinct programs vary depending on the audience:

To learn more about First on Scene, contact LaMar Grafft or 252-744-9542


About Fit To Farm©

The 4 topics of Fit to Farm: Disc That, h2O to Go, Healthy Handfuls, These Boots Are Made For Walkin

Fit to Farm encourages individuals to put their health first by educating them on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Specific topics include:

Fit to Farm presentations are flexible and can be presented in as little as 10 minutes or as long as 45 minutes. Each lesson addresses the benefits of making healthy lifestyle changes, the consequences of not making those changes and simple strategies for making changes day-to-day while farming, fishing or logging.

To learn more, contact Jessica Wilburn, AgriSafe-NC Nurse Coordinator, or 252-744-1008


About Grain Safety/Grain Rescue Programs

Grain Lifeline System

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The Grain Safety / Grain Rescue Program was developed with two main audiences:

Programs for farmers and farm workers are primarily safety programs to inform of the hazards, and teach safe grain handling strategies. These vary from 1-4 hours, depending on the needs of the individuals present.

Programs for Fire Fighters and first responders vary from 1-12 hours and consist of safety programs to inform of the hazards, to full hands-on rescue programs.

Whatever your needs for grain safety programs, contact LaMar Grafft at or 252-744-9542


About AgrAbility

A man using a tractor lift

The North Carolina AgrAbility Program is a federally funded project whose mission is to provide individuals farming with a disability with the education and assistance they need to live successful lives in production agriculture or agriculture-related occupations.

AgrAbility is sponsored by the U.S.D.A and consists of national, state (currently serving 24 states) and regional projects. Each of these projects involves collaborative partnerships between land grant universities and various non-profit disability service organizations.

NC AgrAbility is a collaborative partnership between North Carolina A&T State University, North Carolina Agromedicine Institute, North Carolina Assistive Technology Project and Disability Partners.

NC AgrAbility Partnership has a wide variety of services to offer thanks to the many specialties of our partners. If you or someone you know could benefit from AgrAbility services or would like to learn more about this program please email Beatriz (Betty) Rodriguez at or 336-285-4680. You can also learn more at or the National AgrAbility Website.

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