Tami and Christian

"I have been an exhibitor at the Southern Farm Show for several years. My booth has been next to the Agromedicine booth. Tami has checked my blood sugar several times over the years, and at time it was high. Tami encouraged me to see a doctor for more testing. I basically ignored her. I am relatively young and I can’t have this type of health problem. This year I went to my doctor and received extensive blood work. The tests showed my AIC was high. I started taking a pill to control my blood sugar and started a carbohydrate counting diet. In three months I have lost 35 pounds and lowered my AIC 1.5 points. I feel better, sleep better and my wife tells me I look better. My family is now eating better and getting healthier. I thank Tami for persistently encouraging me to see a doctor. Tami’s efforts have improved my health and life! She should be nominated for saint hood. Please keep this program funded, because the efforts of the Agromedicine staff are improving the health of people every day. Thank you Tami and Agromedicine staff!"
C. Overton
Shiloh, NC

"As a farmer I think I’m going to live forever. That’s not true. As for me with age and death of younger friend it has changed the way I think. I was at a safety training back in January and I was ask that anyone who wanted their blood pressure checked and also blood sugar test could come over it was free and confidential. Well I remember the number’s in my head 161/101 and Blood 154. This was a little shocking for me. I know my Blood Pressure was a little towards the high side but this was an eye opening experience. When I think about my two boys 12 and 8 years something could happen to me if this isn’t resolved. So if I wanted to be around for the family, I had a must now. So what I want to tell all these stubborn people who take for granted they are ok. Get this good secure to help you. It could change your life and thoughts like it did mine. I hope we can keep great service around. To help us all out because we need it."
A. Watkins
Creedmoor, NC

"Richard L. has worked on our farm for about eight years. In 2012, he was fit tested for a respirator by the N.C. Agromedicine Institute. Prior to the fit test, Richard was not feeling well and went to the local emergency room, but no chronic problems were discovered. During the fit test exam, it was determined that Richard had high blood pressure. Several days later, Richard became weak and could barely walk. He traveled 60 miles to Greenville to the hospital where doctors found his blood sugar was about 900. Doctors said he should have been in a coma. Richard was hospitalized to stabilize his condition. A year later, doctors a Green St. Community Center in Wilson County how well he is managing his diabetes today.
Thank goodness for the N.C. Agromedicine exam! Richard feels it saved his life."
S. Barnes
Kenly, NC